King v. Burwell

Victory for the ACA at the Supreme Court

On Thursday, June 25th, the Supreme Court decided that the Affordable Care Act’s premium tax credits will continue to be available in all states. This decision has monumental significance: It means that the Affordable Care Act will stand as a critical fixture of America’s health care system. It is—and will remain—the law of the land.

Families USA’s Ron Pollack reacts to the victory

Pollack calls the Supreme Court ruling a “monumental victory of tremendous significance.”

Millions of families across the country will breathe a big sigh of relief about today’s decision. The ACA has provided coverage to 16 million Americans who did not have it before. Consumers like these will now have the peace of mind knowing that their health coverage will not be taken away and that they will continue to receive financial help to keep premiums affordable.

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Karen H., Virginia Beach, VA

After her third breast cancer diagnosis, Karen knew she’d never be eligible for private insurance. She was pursuing a PhD in history, but left her studies and student health insurance to care for her mother, who is suffering from vascular dementia. Without a subsidy, Karen would have to put her mom in a residential living center and find a job with health coverage. Karen said she couldn't afford to pay full-price for insurance, and going uninsured is not an option. “If my cancer comes back, I can't get treatment without insurance," she says. (Share: Facebook | Twitter)