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2020 West Health-Families USA Prescription Drug Costs Reporting Fellowship

Application Deadline Extended to June 30!

Millions of Americans cannot afford their prescription drugs, a reality with health and life consequences for consumers across the nation—and their stories need to be told. Consumer voices can help policymakers understand the tradeoffs hard-working people are making to afford their medicine and support the development of targeted policy solutions to curb high and rising drug costs.

Want to amplify consumer voices in the conversation around prescription drug costs? Apply for the 2020 West Health-Families USA Prescription Drug Costs Reporting Fellowship. 

West Health and Families USA are selecting a talented health care journalist committed to telling the stories of people struggling to pay for their medications or doing without them completely. This special opportunity to enliven the conversation on increasing prescription drug affordability for America’s families is part of the new “Act to End High Drug Prices” West Health and Families USA initiative to make consumers’ experience part of the national discourse on high and rising prescription drug costs and encourage far-reaching action on the issue by Congress, the drug industry, and the Administration.

Fellowship Details

The West Health-Families USA Reporting Fellowship will allow a U.S.-based journalist to pursue a six-month reporting project (in print, online, broadcast, or multimedia/digital form) exploring the various factors contributing to high prescription drug consumers and the effect on consumers across the nation.

Applicants may be full-time or freelance journalists with current or past health care reporting experience. The selected fellow is expected to pursue their project with support from their newsroom or freelance outlet, including a commitment to publish or air stories and content during the six-month fellowship period.

The fellowship award of $20,000 covers the cost of field reporting, health data analysis, and other project-related research, with half disbursed at the start of the fellowship and the other half upon successful completion.

The selected fellow will receive guidance from West Health, Families USA, and other drug pricing topic experts through conference calls, in-person meetings, email consultations, and webinars.

Application Process

To apply for the West Health-Families USA Prescription Drug Costs Reporting Fellowship, email the following materials by June 30, 2020, noon Eastern to Kimberly N. Alleyne, Senior Director of Communications, and include “West Health-Families USA Reporting Fellowship” in the subject line.

  • A letter of interest explaining why you want to be selected for this fellowship and your interest in high and rising prescription drug costs.
  • A one-page resume with current contact information
  • 3 recent work samples highlighting your health care reporting
  • 3 letters of recommendations from current and past editors/supervisors

Please direct questions about this opportunity to Kimberly N. Alleyne at