November 2015

This Thanksgiving, Say #ThanksACA

Having health insurance gives consumers peace of mind when mishaps like these occur. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans can buy high-quality affordable health coverage in the marketplace. Many also qualify for financial assistance. This Thanksgiving, we’re helping America #GetCovered and #StayCovered.

December 2017

3 Reasons to Renew Funding for CHIP

If funding for CHIP is not renewed, as many as 2 million kids may lose the health coverage that they have today. Our infographic and resource page has materials about the benefits of CHIP to help advocates make the case for Congress to renew funding.

October 2015

Stop, Shop, and Enroll for Health Insurance

Many consumers have plans from 2014 and will simply opt to renew. And, for many, renewal is the best option. But, as our infographic shows, to make sure that they are getting the best plan this year, all consumers should head to the marketplace to shop for plans during open enrollment season. 

October 2014

2014 Governors’ Races and Medicaid Expansion

Of the 23 states that have not expanded Medicaid, 15 have gubernatorial races in November—setting the stage for potential Medicaid expansion in 2015.Our infographic shows the five states where the outcome of the governor’s race could be pivotal.

August 2014

Top 9 Occupations of the Employed but Uninsured in Indiana Who Would Benefit from Expanding Medicaid

In Indiana, more than 390,000 low-income residents lack access to health insurance. If Indiana chooses to accept federal dollars to close this gap in health coverage, the state stands to gain not only better health outcomes, but also new job creation and increased economic growth. Those who would most benefit from expanding Medicaid are working adults with incomes of up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level ($27,310 for a family of three in 2014). Nearly 59 percent of this population is employed but uninsured.


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