November 2017

Tax Cuts Now Mean Health Care Cuts Later

Republicans in Congress are rushing through a tax plan that repeals a key provision of the Affordable Care Act: the individual mandate. But even if lawmakers drop the repeal of the individual mandate from the final tax package, tax reform will lead to huge cuts to health care. Health care consumers and their advocates thus need to pay careful attention to the tax debate.

September 2017

How Does Graham-Cassidy Compare to Previous Repeal Bills?

Graham-Cassidy has the same destructive elements that senators of both parties and the American people rejected earlier this year. Learn how you can help stop this bill.

The majority of people in this country want Congress to put aside these harmful, partisan policies and focus on bi-partisan solutions to improve our health care system. It is time to listen to them.

See the table below to compare the newest version of ACA repeal with its predecessors:

July 2017

Senate Votes to Begin Debating Affordable Care Act Repeal

Today, all but two Senate Republicans voted yes on the “motion to proceed” which formally begins the debate on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is not clear which legislation the Senate will be debating.

June 2017

Magic Mitch's Bag of Health Care Tricks

Mitch McConnell can’t afford to lose Republican votes if he wants to push through the terrible Senate Republican “Better Care Act,” a massive tax cut for the rich masquerading as a health care plan. It’s Mitch McConnell’s Magic Health Elixir guaranteed to provide better care for less.

Several Republican senators know that the bill is bad for their state, so McConnell has tossed in some goodies to give them a better shot at spinning the bill and hiding its massive health care cuts from their constituents.

July 2017

Senate Health Care Repeal Bill Means Job Loss

The recently-released Senate ACA repeal bill would cut funding and consumer protections, increase the number of uninsured, and cut federal Medicaid funding by over $800 billion. Our graphics show how many jobs would be lost in a handful of hardest-hit states.


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