Fact Sheet
January 2018

America’s Seniors Need Medicare Oral Health Coverage

Nearly 60 million seniors and disabled persons rely on the Medicare program – and only about one-third of them have any coverage for oral health care. The Medicare statute currently excludes coverage for almost all oral health care. As a result, people with Medicare coverage suffer the physical and financial consequences of untreated dental problems.

Fact Sheet
November 2017

How the Tax Bill Will Force States to Cut Medicaid

One of the most destructive ways the tax bill attacks health care has gotten the least attention.

In addition to kicking people off coverage by repealing the individual mandate and setting the stage for huge funding cuts down the road because of the ballooning deficit, the tax bill will sap states’ ability to fund vital health care programs.


Fact Sheet
August 2017

Section 1115 Waivers: Limits and Overreach

Section 1115 of the Social Security Act gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) the discretion to let states waive certain Medicaid requirements to carry out an “experimental, pilot or demonstration project which, in the judgment of the Secretary, is likely to assist in promoting the objectives of” the Medicaid program.

Fact Sheet
August 2017

Alaska’s Reinsurance 1332 Waiver: An Approach that Can Work

The recent approval of Alaska’s 1332 waiver to fund a reinsurance system shows an approach that other states could also take under current law to lower premiums in their marketplaces and better distribute the costs of the very sick.


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