Short-term policy campaigns are the priority

We work with state advocates to assess the policy environment, identify policy opportunities, and help them draft and achieve enactment of policy proposals that accomplish the policy objective as quickly as possible.

Federal/State Policy Advocacy Synergy

As a prominent and effective voice for health care consumers in the nation’s capital, Families USA is uniquely positioned and qualified to conduct national health policy advocacy campaigns that are informed by the work and priorities of state consumer health advocates. We keep federal lawmakers and administrators from stopping, reversing and/or interfering with the progressive changes occurring on the state-level and we work to enact policy and regulatory changes at the federal level that will ensure the long-term sustainability of state policy innovations.

Communications Expertise

Families USA works with state partners on messaging research and guidance, trainings and toolkits to help them with policy advocacy campaigns. We maintain close relationships with reporters all over the country and serve as a media resource for health care policy and legislative updates. We also maintain a story bank of consumers who experience problems with the care system and we make these stories available to advocates and media to help drive policy change.

Customized Technical Assistance

Families USA staff are able to provide assistance in a state-specific way, as we track health policy development and political changes all over the country in real time and tailor our rapid-response advice accordingly. This specialized technical assistance builds on the training, education, research, and analyses that our Policy Teams provide and perform in collaboration with our Health Action Department, which specializes in advocacy strategies including message research to mobilize public support for policy change.

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