Current Status

KanCare is a statewide 1115 program that covers most Kansas Medicaid recipients. The program is administered through managed care plans. Although Kansas has not expanded Medicaid, it does cover certain groups of non-disabled adults, such as parents and caretaker relatives. On May 8, 2018 CMS rejected Kansas’s request to impose time limits on Medicaid. The work requirement request was still under consideration.

Population Covered

The KanCare waiver seeks to impose work requirements on parents with children age six and older who make less than 38% of the federal poverty level.


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Work Requirements

The waiver proposes to build off the state’s TANF program and incorporates many of the same requirements. For example, the number of hours per week someone must work, and what counts as “work” is all directly mirrored from the TANF program (the work requirement is generally 20-30 per hours per week, but varies depending on household size).

Members who are subject to work requirements but do not meet those requirements can only get three months of KanCare coverage in a 36 month period.  Those who do meet the work requirements are entitled to thirty six months of coverage. Learn more and get advocacy strategies to combat work requirements.

Lifetime Limits on Coverage

The state asked that all members subject to work requirements be limited to a three year lifetime limit, even if they continue to meet their work requirements. This request was rejected by CMS on May 8, 2018.