April 20, 2017

Unleashing the Power of Community Health Workers: The CHW Sustainability Collaborative

Through our new Community Health Worker Sustainability Collaborative, launched with the support of the Kresge Foundation, we will work with CHW organizations, health care and health equity advocates, policy makers, and other stakeholders to promote using Medicaid funds to provide more sustainable support to CHW programs and better integrate them into the health care system. 

We know that unleashing the power of CHWs in communities across the country will make a tremendous difference in health and health care, especially in communities of color.

Short Analysis
June 2016

Medicaid Managed Care Rule: What Advocates Should Know

Recently the Obama administration released new standards governing Medicaid managed care plans. These managed care rules haven’t been updated since 2002, and a lot has changed in the past 14 years. There are currently over 72 million people enrolled in Medicaid, and three-quarters are enrolled in managed care.

May 28, 2015

New Medicaid Managed Care Proposed Rule Is Out

On May 26, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) released long-awaited proposed rule that seek to modernize the regulatory framework governing Medicaid managed care plans. The proposed rule aims to increase efficiency in the managed care program for providers, enrollees, and health plans, while maintaining consumer protections. 

January 28, 2010

More than a card

With the possibility of an expanded Medicaid population imminent, how will newly-eligible people receive care?  Will there be enough health care providers and facilities to treat them?  

Deborah Kilstein from the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, Claudine Swartz from the National Association of Public Hospitals, and Phil Villers from Families USA, along with over 40 advocates from across the country, tackled this tough subject, and explored innovative strategies to increase access to care.

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