April 14, 2016

Medicaid Expansion Drives Improvements in Oregon’s Health Care System

By now the benefits of Medicaid expansion are well known. In addition to providing health coverage to millions of Americans, it has helped create new health care jobs, decrease hospitals’ spending on uncompensated care, and generate budget savings for states. But another benefit is often overlooked: Medicaid expansion can help improve the quality of health care and reduce costs throughout a state’s entire health care system, not just in Medicaid.

March 17, 2016

With Deep Medicaid Cuts, GOP Budget Guts Access to Health Care

Andrea Callow

Associate Director of Medicaid Initiatives

Jane Sheehan

Senior Federal Relations Manager

Early this week, House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) released the Republican budget, “A Balanced Budget for a Stronger America.” But the name is a marketing ploy. A close look at the plan reveals that, on the contrary, it would weaken millions of American families by taking away access to affordable health coverage.

The House Republican budget plan includes disastrous health care cuts and program restructuring that would mean significant health insecurity for children, working families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

March 8, 2016

Why States Should Suspend Medicaid for People During Incarceration

With a majority of states expanding Medicaid, many more people stand to gain health coverage, including those recently released from jail or prison. States are re-evaluating their policies regarding Medicaid for incarcerated residents.

We’ve taken a closer look at what states have accomplished so far to get a better idea of how this has played out across states. We found that 34 states and the District of Columbia now have some form of policy to suspend Medicaid for people in prison or jail. Here, we explain why more states should adopt this policy.

February 18, 2016

Uninsured in Virginia: Lori’s Story

Jenna Temkin

Story Bank Associate

In late 2015, Lori was in desperate need of cardiology care for her heart condition. Lori was out of money and uninsured. And she lived in Virginia, which has refused to expand Medicaid. Her story illustrates the plight of uninsured people who fall into the coverage gap--ineligible for regular Medicaid but can't afford private insurance.

February 16, 2016

How Federal Dollars Are Helping South Dakota

One of the top priorities of the right-wing group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is stopping Medicaid expansion across the country. And in South Dakota, they’ve stepped up their operations, working to derail expansion discussions in that state.


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