December 5, 2017

Drug Testing in Medicaid Is Illegal and Hurts the People Who Need Help Most

Recently, the state of Wisconsin submitted an application to the federal government seeking Medicaid waiver authority to make drug testing a condition of eligibility for the state’s adult Medicaid program--BadgerCare. This request breaks dangerous new ground; drug testing has never been allowed as part of the application process in the Medicaid program. That’s because it is illegal, it will make it harder for everyone applying for Medicaid, and it will hurt rather than help those with substance use disorders.

July 2017

Senate Health Care Repeal Bill Means Job Loss

The recently-released Senate ACA repeal bill would cut funding and consumer protections, increase the number of uninsured, and cut federal Medicaid funding by over $800 billion. Our graphics show how many jobs would be lost in a handful of hardest-hit states.

March 15, 2017

If Republicans End the Medicaid Expansion: Arizona’s Cautionary Tale

Erica Turret

Villers Fellow

A key way the Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped the United States reach a dramatic drop in the uninsured rate was by expanding the Medicaid program to low and moderate income adults. Despite this success, the House Republican plan to repeal the ACA would freeze the Medicaid expansion starting in 2020. As Arizona’s experience shows, freezing the Medicaid expansion is ending the Medicaid expansion and it’s a move that gambles with the lives of millions of Americans.

October 24, 2016

The Wrong Conclusions about ER Use from Study on Oregon’s Medicaid Lottery

A new study about emergency room use in Oregon is fueling the debate about whether expanding Medicaid as made possible under the Affordable Care Act leads to high emergency room use. To understand what the study says—and does not say—about the impact of Medicaid expansion, it’s important to keep in mind its limitations and consider data from other recent studies.

September 27, 2016

Two-Month-Old Medicaid Expansion is Already Helping Louisiana Get Healthy

Erica Turret

Villers Fellow

It’s been only two months since the Louisiana Medicaid expansion—dubbed Healthy Louisiana—went into effect, and already Louisianans are reaping the benefits.

New data show that Medicaid expansion has helped over 305,000 Bayou State residents get health coverage. But coverage through Healthy Louisiana means more than just an insurance card. New enrollees are using their coverage to get vital preventive care and treatment.

September 15, 2016

CMS Rejects Ohio's Request for Harsh Policies in Its Medicaid Program

Erica Turret

Villers Fellow
Last week, CMS rejected Ohio’s request to make significant changes to its Medicaid program. 

With this decision, CMS is making it clear that policies that make it harder for the lowest-income people in the program to get health care are inconsistent with the goals of Medicaid. The decision also defined some boundaries regarding what is and is not appropriate for approval through the Medicaid waiver process.

September 8, 2016

Medicaid Expansion Improves People’s Financial Stability

Nygel Williams

Villers Fellow

Last month, Kentucky asked the federal government for approval to make significant and troubling changes to its highly successful Medicaid expansion program. To justify its request, the state asserted that these changes would help “break the cycle of poverty.” However, the results would likely be the opposite.

The fact is, by providing health insurance and helping people in the program avoid medical debt, Medicaid coverage can actually improve the financial health of its enrollees. Two recent reports, one in April and one in June, offer new evidence supporting that link.  

September 6, 2016

Changing Kentucky’s Medicaid Expansion Would Set Back a Successful Program

Governor Matt Bevin recently submitted his proposal to change the state’s Medicaid expansion to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for federal review and approval. A federal comment period will start soon. Many of the proposed changes are likely to harm the hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians who currently have coverage under the program


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