Families USA's SHARE Initiative will have two main components, the State Innovation Learning Collaborative (SILC) and Strategic Advocacy Campaigns (SAC).

SILC will be an ongoing, permanent initiative focused on information sharing and learning among all participants in SHARE, while SAC will be a collection of strategic, targeted, time-limtited campaigns focused only in particular states at the most strategic times. 

Strategic Advocacy Campaigns (SAC)

SILC will also help to identify opportunities to achieve a specific policy objective in a state or states during a defined time period. We will look for situations in which a more structured and focused partnership between Families USA and a state partner would be the most likely to succeed.

Partnerships​ may include:

  • The creation of an advocacy campaign plan with clear, specific and achievable policy objectives including a communications and media strategy to build support among key stakeholders for the policy change(s) to be sought.
  • In certain cases, the production of a step-by-step Action Guide customized to the circumstances in a particular state outlining how to achieve a policy objective.
  • When requested by state advocates, Families USA policy staff will “ghost write” and produce publications to help advance policy solutions, including op-eds, infographics, and other campaign materials.
  • Families USA staff will provide rapid response assistance on policy and strategic issues facing state advocates, serving as readily-available expert consultants to help achieve agreed upon campaign goals in the states
  • Families USA policy staff will travel to states upon request of state groups to provide testimony and other targeted policy expertise at key times, including joining state groups in meetings with key officials to provide additional capacity on policy expertise at their request
  • Families USA will help arrange for state advocates to come to Washington, DC and provide testimony or other input about policy ideas for legislative committees and/or regulatory agencies as appropriate.
  • The mobilization, through traditional and digital communication methods, of a grassroots network of nearly 200,000 consumer health advocates across the country to support federal and/or state policy proposals.

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