The particular issues to be addressed by Famiies USA's SHARE Initiative will vary based on the constantly changing policy environment in the states and Washington, D.C.

Below are some examples of policy areas that are likely to be a primary focus for SHARE.

Health Equity

  • Ways to direct more resources upstream to improve population health in communities of color and reduce disparities in health and health outcomes based on race or ethnicity.
  • Leveling the playing field to increase access to culturally-competent care for people in communities of color.

Value of Health Care

  • Comprehensive health system transformation efforts at the state and federal level that will change the way care is delivered and paid for and that promote patient-centered care.
  • State-based efforts to reduce the price of prescription drugs.
  • State policies to encourage the adoption of Value Based Insurance Design.

Access to Care

  • Taking advantage of new changes in Medicaid Managed Care regulations that provide opportunities for innovation that can reduce costs and improve the quality of care for Medicaid beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring ongoing funding and professional development for enrollment assisters.
  • Strengthening and protecting Medicaid and CHIP in states to ensure low-income consumers can afford the health care they need.


  • Improving affordable access to in-network providers in private plans, ensuring the accuracy of health plans’ information about providers, and protecting consumers from “surprise medical bills.”
  • Reducing deductibles and co-pays and providing more comprehensive coverage for high- value services.

Healthy Communities

  • Incentivizing actors within the healthcare system to improve the health of the people in their communities.
  • Ways that the healthcare system can connect people to other support systems in their community that will improve population health.

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