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Story Bank Toolkit


Families USA created this story bank toolkit to help organizations incorporate people’s stories and voices into their work. Stories that highlight personal experiences help put a human face on complex issues.

Each section in this toolkit walks you through the process of creating a story bank in a step-by-step guide that offers best practices for each stage. We offer guidance to help you get started collecting stories and sharing stories publicly. The toolkit includes videos, step-by-step guides, tip sheets, and several sample forms to get your story bank program up and running.

Creating a Plan

What are your organization’s overarching goals in creating a story bank and what kinds of stories will you collect?

Building an Infrastructure

What decisions must your organization make to establish an efficient process for collecting personal stories?

Collecting Stories

How does your organization get started actually collecting people’s stories?

Developing Stories

What do you need to do before you can help someone publicly share a story?

Disseminating Stories

How do you share stories with the public?

This toolkit is a product of Families USA and made possible by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It was developed by Cate Bonacini with assistance from: Airrion Andrews, Nichole Edralin, Jessica Kendall, David Lemmon, Evan Potler, Talia Schmidt, Jenna Temkin, Ingrid VanTuinen, Alexandra Walker, and Justin Weyman.

If you have any questions about this toolkit, please email