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January 2016

Slideshow: January Enrollment Resources

Get ready for the new year and the last stretch of open enrollment. Here is a roundup of the top five resources for enrollment assisters.

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    Health Insurance Checklist for Those with Cancer

    This worksheet can help people who have cancer (or are at risk for cancer) understand their health care needs by comparing coverage and prices in different insurance plans. (North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities)
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    Family Glitch Calculator

    This tool lets you see how the “Family Glitch” might affect a working family’s access to affordable health insurance. (Social Interest Solutions)
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    Glossary of Most Used Terms in Enrollment Assistance

    This glossary defines the 100 most frequently used terms that navigators and assisters encounter during enrollment. (Action for Health Justice)
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    Importance of Health Insurance

    This series of educational videos (in English and Spanish) provides an overview of key health insurance terms, how to use your health insurance, and why you should get covered. (Cover Missouri)
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    Health Reform FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About the ACA

    This series of FAQs offers background information and answers to all your Affordable Care Act and marketplace questions. (Kaiser Family Foundation)