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February 2015

Slideshow: February Enrollment Resources

Our monthly slideshows contain our picks for the best new materials to help enrollment assisters be successful during the second open enrollment—and beyond.

We’ve compiled resources for a range of activities common to enrollment programs—from consumer outreach to education to working with the media.

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    Tax Exemptions for Consumers without Health Coverage in 2015

    This table helps consumers figure out if they qualify for an exemption from the fine for not enrolling in health coverage in 2014. (Enroll America)
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    Qualifying for Special Enrollment Periods

    This infographic offers a humorous take on who qualifies for a special enrollment period to get health coverage under certain circumstances. (Families USA)
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    Tips about Marketplace Coverage and Your Taxes

    This guide offers three tips about filing your taxes if you bought health insurance from the marketplace. (CMS)
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    Communications and Social Media on a Budget

    This presentation from our Health Action 2015 conference describes how your organization can reach more consumers and spread your message by directly engaging consumers using online platforms. (Utah Health Policy Project)
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    How to Build a Successful Enrollment Program

    This presentation from our Health Action 2015 conference shares how to build sustainable statewide enrollment programs by using data to track the newly-insured and better target the uninsured. (Florida Covering Kids and Families Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center for Mothers and Babies)