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September 2014

Slideshow: Enrollment Resources for September 2014

Our monthly slideshows contain our picks for the best new materials to help enrollment assisters be successful during the second open enrollment—and beyond.

We’ve compiled resources for a range of activities common to enrollment programs—from consumer outreach to education to working with the media.

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    Using Volunteers in Navigator and Assister Programs

    Advice and techniques for how navigators and assisters can use volunteers to offer more assistance to a greater number of people without increasing cost. (Families USA)
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    CAC Organization Toolkit

    This toolkit provides information, resources, and outreach tips on how organizations can partner with certified application counselors (CACs) to help increase capacity in providing enrollment assistance. (Enroll America)
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    How to Use Your Health Insurance

    Basic facts for consumers on how to get the most out of their health insurance plan (finding a primary care physician early, how to get information about free preventive care, and knowing when to use emergency care). (Families USA)
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    Tax Rules: Medicaid and Premium Tax Credits

    This guide helps navigators understand recent changes to income guidelines and tax rules for determining eligibility for Medicaid, in order to help them assist consumers with their applications. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)
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    Keeping and Using Your Health Insurance

    Key steps that consumers need to take in order to keep their health insurance once they’ve enrolled. (Families USA)