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November 2014

Slideshow: Enrollment Resources for November 2014

Our monthly slideshows contain our picks for the best new materials to help enrollment assisters be successful during the second open enrollment—and beyond.

We’ve compiled resources for a range of activities common to enrollment programs—from consumer outreach to education to working with the media.

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    I Have Health Insurance. Now What?

    This guide helps the newly insured understand how to use their health insurance. (Enroll 207)
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    Navigator Resource Guide

    This supplement to HHS’s navigator training focuses on the ACA’s private insurance reforms, including health insurance marketplaces, benefit and cost structures, and premium tax credits. (Georgetown University Health Policy Institute)
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    Consumers with Disabilities Guide

    Supplemental guide for consumers with disabilities to help them make informed choices about health insurance. (National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative)
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    Health Insurance Communicator’s Guide

    Tips for talking to consumers about health insurance. Offers key consumer-focused messages about 2014-2015 coverage options. (Enroll America)
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    Health Insurance Explained: The YouToons Have it Covered

    Video explains basic health insurance concepts for consumers, including premiums, deductibles, and provider networks. (Kaiser Family Foundation)