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October 2015

October Slideshow: Top New Enrollment Resources

Around the country, organizations are producing creative and useful materials that navigators and other enrollment assisters can use to sign up consumers for marketplace coverage. In this slideshow, we share our picks for the best new resources we've seen. 

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    Field Guide to Enrollment: Tips and Strategies for Assisters

    Ready for a shorter open enrollment period? Maximize your time with strategies for successfully assisting consumers in this helpful guide. (Maine Primary Care Association)
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    A Step-by-Step Guide through the Enrollment Process with a Navigator

    This basic guide offers enrollment assisters the overview of what they can expect in helping consumers sign up for health insurance. (Washington State Exchange)
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    Out2Enroll website

    This website provides you with resources, FAQs, and LGBT-specific images and inclusive language to use in your outreach to LGBT consumers. (Out2Enroll)
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    My Health Insurance Comparison Worksheet

    A simple tool to offer people who want to compare health insurance options: Consumers can fill in this worksheet with info from the insurance company. (University of Maryland Extension)
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    Screening for Health Insurance: A Pocket Card for Healthcare Providers

    Do you work with medical providers? Are you looking for ideas on how to make it easier for them to talk with patients about health coverage and connect them with you? Use this tool and think of ways to modify it for your needs. (Doctors for America)

Have a resource to share? Let us know. Also, find many more tools in our Enrollment Assister Resource Center.