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Fact Sheet
October 2010

Long-Term Care and What You Need to Know

As Baby Boomers age, we begin to think about taking care of our nation’s seniors. Many prefer to receive medical care in their home or community rather than in a hospital or nursing home. The Affordable Care Act makes these services more affordable and protects the rights of consumers. Use this series to find out how the Affordable Care Act aims to improve the lives of seniors and people with disabilities.

Some states believe it’s cost effective to cut Medicaid services like home- and community-based services. Read on for five solid arguments advocates can use to convince their state that cutting these services would be much more harmful in the long run.

This series also uncovers what you need to think about before you decide to move a loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility. There are many misconceptions about costs, staff, and care that you’ll want to understand before making this decision.