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Issue Brief
September 2010

How the Affordable Care Act Helps People with Medicare

This series highlights the improvements the new health law brings for people with Medicare. The Affordable Care Act has come under scrutiny for making cuts to the Medicare program, but it's important to understand that these "cuts" are actually savings. They're not the result of reducing benefits for seniors or people with disabilities.

These savings come from making Medicare better by improving the way health care providers deliver care; modernizing how Medicare pays for those services; and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse.

People with Medicare have a lot to gain from health reform. The Affordable Care Act includes requirements that will make health care more affordable for seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare. It also changes how Medicare pays for health care, which will make the program stronger and more financially secure.

Learn more about how the law improves Medicare by making prescription drugs and preventive health care more affordable.