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July 2010

Health Reform: New Opportunities for States to Invest in Home- and Community-Based Services

This piece explores the new opportunities states have to provide home- and community-based services through Medicaid, the institution that pays for most of the long-term services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Under the Affordable Care Act, two new Medicaid options are available to states:

  • Community First Choice Option
  • State Balancing Incentive Payments Program

Both options are designed to strengthen home- and community-based long-term care services. Both offer states additional federal funding to expand Medicaid services and to develop new systems for supporting home- and community-based care.

Advocates should use this report to emphasize how important it is for states to consider these new opportunities to expand home- and community-based services in Medicaid. Learn more about:

  • the growing demands and rising costs of long-term care
  • the ways in which expanding these programs can help states
  • the new opportunities that are available in the Affordable Care Act