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Fact Sheet
August 2013

Continuous Eligibility Can Prevent Disruptions in Health Coverage for Children

As a state health care expert or policy maker, are you concerned about keeping children healthy? Having consistent health coverage is a key component of children's health. This fact sheet explains why states should adopt or expand 12-month continuous eligibility for children in programs like Medicaid and CHIP (the Children's Health Insurance Program).

Millions of children experience gaps in coverage, which negatively affect their health, and are a costly administrative burden on states. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia don't currently offer 12-month continuous eligibility for children. Of the states that do offer continuous eligibility, some states don't offer it in all their children's health insurance programs, or they limit it to children below a certain age.

Learn more about why states should adopt or expand continuous eligibility to cover all eligible children until they are 19 years old.