November 2018

Webinar: State Options to Rein in High Drug Prices

High prescription drug prices hurt families and consumers by adding financial stress to devastating illness.  

States have led the way to take action against high and rising drug prices, and with the help of advocates this action can continue and grow in 2019.  
On this webinar, we explore options and approaches to state drug pricing policy, including a special focus on how states can build upon the success of price transparency laws to provide meaningful information that spurs broader changes.  

Featured speakers:  

November 2018

Key Advocates Webinar: State Options to Cover the Uninsured and Stabilize Markets

States have an opportunity to build on the Affordable Care Act's progress by pioneering innovative strategies to cover the remaining uninsured, often while stabilizing insurance markets and lowering premiums.

On this webinar, we discuss strategies states can consider to build on the progress of the Affordable Care Act in expanding coverage using innovative strategies that can help stabilize markets. 

Featured Speakers:

October 2018

Community Health Worker Impact Estimator Tool - Webinar

For generations, community leaders have seen how valuable community health workers (CHWs) can be. As health equity advocates, we know that CHWs truly understand the communities they serve and have their trust, so they can effectively provide culturally centered and language accessible services and supports tailored to their needs.

June 2018

Medicaid Waivers: Strategies to Address Barriers to Medicaid

 On June 12, Families USA held a webinar that highlighted successful tactics and strategies that could be used in states seeking work requirements. Advocates in Colorado and Minnesota discuss how they successfully stopped work requirements from moving forward in their states. And in Arkansas, advocates discuss how they’re handling a new work requirement that went into effect on June 1, 2018. This webinar reviews successful tactics and strategies that can be used in states seeking Medicaid work requirements, and help advocates prepare for challenges in the year ahead.


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