Short Analysis
December 2014

Checklist for a Health Plan Provider Network that Adequately Serves Diverse Consumers

Communities of color continue to face a limited availability of health care providers and facilities. By including at minimum these seven features in their provider networks, insurers can help consumers in communities of color gain access to timely, high-quality, language-accessible, culturally competent health care.

Short Analysis
November 2014

Basic Health Program: Nine Requirements for State Programs

Basic Health Programs are one one of several options in the Affordable Care Act for states to further expand affordable health coverage to low and modest-income residents. Basic Health Programs can be more affordable than marketplace coverage, making care accessible to people who may otherwise forego coverage and care. 

Short Analysis
July 2015

Momentum on Medicaid Expansion

Learn about the multiple benefits of Medicaid expansion that are fueling the movement to expand Medicaid across the country.


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