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Press release
June 7, 2018

Governor Snyder Should Veto Medicaid Bill That Cedes Control to Washington and Threatens Health Care for 600,000 Michiganders

Washington, D.C.— A harmful bill that imposes new requirements on people in the Michigan Medicaid program, known as Healthy Michigan, is headed to the governor’s desk. (For more information on the harms this Medicaid bill could cause families in Michigan, please read our blog: Four Big Problems with Michigan’s Medicaid Waiver Legislation Aside from the Work Requirement.)

Following is the statement of Frederick Isasi, executive director of Families USA:

“Governor Snyder should veto the Medicaid bill just passed today that puts the health care of the people of Michigan at risk. The Michigan legislature has created a bureaucratic nightmare that will be nearly impossible to implement. For example, the bill creates unprecedented, punitive and complex restrictions for families whose incomes are just above the federal poverty level. The legislation also would lock families out of coverage if they can’t meet onerous paperwork requirements. Furthermore, the legislation has ceded the fate of coverage for 600,000 Michiganders to the Trump administration and their bureaucrats in Washington. By vetoing the Medicaid bill, Governor Snyder has an opportunity to maintain state control of his Medicaid program while protecting the families in his state who rely on Healthy Michigan for life-saving health care.”