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Press release
June 29, 2017

CBO Confirms that Senate Health Care Bill Devastates Medicaid over both Short and Long Term

Washington, D.C. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) today released a second analysis of the Senate Republican health care bill, which shows that over both the short and long term Medicaid would face drastic cuts. By 2036, the program would experience a startling 35% reduction in federal support.

Following is a statement from Frederick Isasi, Executive Director of Families USA:

“When it comes to the Senate health care bill, the news just goes from bad to worse. We already knew the bill was going to devastate the Medicaid program, now we know the full extent of the damage. It is inconceivable that the Medicaid program could absorb this magnitude of cuts without seriously jeopardizing the health of our most vulnerable children, seniors, and disabled. Thirty-five percent cuts in 20 years, and continually increasing thereafter, states' budgets would be ravaged and so many other state priorities would be seriously threatened -- like education, social services, emergency services, and infrastructure -- all to pay for a tax cut for the wealthy. The Senate should start over, reach across the aisle, and work together to help our nation’s families.”