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Press release
May 8, 2013

Obama Administration’s Hospital Price Transparency Initiative Provides Welcome Help for Health Care Consumers

Hospital Prices Are the Craziest of Crazy Quilts and Are Most Costly for the Uninsured
Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is announcing an initiative to make hospital prices available to the public. The following is the reaction of Ron Pollack, Executive Director of the consumer health organization Families USA, about this development:

"The Obama Administration’s hospital price transparency initiative is an important step toward reining in health costs for America’s consumers.

"Hospital pricing is the craziest of crazy quilts. Prices are wildly different from one community to another; they are inexplicably and enormously different among hospitals in the same cities.

"Most perniciously, uninsured people are the ones who usually pay the highest prices for their hospital care. It is absurd—and, indeed, unconscionable—that the people who are least capable of paying for their hospital care bear the largest, and often unaffordable, cost burdens.

"We welcome the Obama Administration’s laudable initiative, which enables health care consumers to see the prices being charged for their care."