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Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team (MELT)

States are poised to expand health care coverage to hundreds of thousands uninsured in the wake of the support for Medicaid programs in states following recent elections. The Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team (MELT) will take advantage of Families USA’s leadership role in organizing and securing the recent Medicaid expansions in Utah, Idaho, and Nebraska through passage of ballot initiatives and our in-depth work in other states on Medicaid waiver and related issues to embrace this opportunity.

Families USA’s Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team combines the policy expertise of veterans of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services with the political savvy of our state advocacy network to support expansion efforts. The outcomes of the 2018 elections created a unique, time-sensitive opportunity to provide health coverage to more than half a million people living in key states through Medicaid expansion. Successful expansion in Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, North Carolina, Kansas and Wisconsin will not only reduce the number of uninsured adults and families living in these states, it will also strengthen a national support for health care coverage and highlight the benefits of Medicaid.

The political environment in these states necessitates that expansion efforts must be undertaken in a pragmatic and bipartisan manner that involves both state-based consumer groups as well as key governors and legislative leadership.

In order to highlight the benefits, state budget savings and economic impact of Medicaid Expansion, the MELT is creating resources and guides to assist policymakers in understanding the value of the increased health care coverage for the uninsured. Families USA has produced an initial resource, the Medicaid Expansion Toolkit, for state health care leaders to use as and understand the process involved in the implementation of Medicaid expansion in states. The toolkit includes the following fact sheets: