November 2016

You Can Still Sign Up for Health Coverage

The election is over, but open enrollment isn’t.

Sign up through January 31, 2017 to get health coverage through your health insurance marketplace.

Short Analysis
June 2016

Medicaid Managed Care Rule: Network Adequacy Standards

The new federal rules, which states must implement by 2018, are a step in the right direction toward ensuring that people with a Medicaid managed care plan can see the right health care provider when they need to.

Short Analysis
May 2016

Medicaid Managed Care Rule: Improving the Enrollment Experience

The first in a series of short analyses explaining certain provisions of the sweeping new standards issued by the Obama administration to guide the operation of state Medicaid managed care plans. Here, we look at changes affecting the enrollment process.

Short Analysis
April 2016

Charging Medicaid Premiums Hurts Patients and State Budgets

This is the first in a series of analyses that examines the impact of efforts by conservative states to use Section 1115 waivers to modify their Medicaid expansions. Our analysis uses data these states report to CMS. First up: How charging Medicaid patients premiums hurts their care and state budgets.

Fact Sheet
April 2016

Block Grants: A Bad Idea for Medicaid

Turning Medicaid into a block grant would ultimately mean cuts in services to people who need health care the most. It would also put states completely on the hook for unanticipated health care costs.


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