March 27, 2018

Moving for Dental Care: Maria’s Story

Michelle Loo

This blog is part of an ongoing series of stories from people across the country who need comprehensive dental coverage, but do not have access to it. Families USA, in partnership with the DentaQuest Foundation, has launched an intensive, multi-faceted, long-term issue advocacy campaign, Oral Health For All, to reduce the barriers to oral health coverage that prevent more than 106 million Americans from have such coverage and getting the care they need. 

Fact Sheet
March 2018

How Medicaid Waivers Could Limit Access to Oral Health Care

States can propose changes to their Medicaid programs using  1115 waivers that require approval from the federal government. Recently, many states are using these waivers to erect barriers to their residents getting the coverage and care they need—including oral health coverage and care. 
Instead of using the waivers to pursue positive innovations, many of these waivers would reduce oral health access. Luckily, oral health advocates can play an important role in promoting good waivers and stopping harmful ones. Use this factsheet to learn more about how certain waiver elements effect oral health access and talking points that advocates can use to raise these issues with policy makers.
March 22, 2018

Gun Violence Threatens the Health of Our Nation

Families USA recognizes gun violence as a severe threat to the health of our nation. As an organization focused on health care, we have not engaged previously in the vigorous national debate on gun violence. We are entering that debate today because our nation is at a turning point.

Fed up with excuses for why policy makers cannot do anything to stop gun violence, Families USA--along with more than 170 state and national partners--are demanding action from Congress.

Short Analysis
June 2018

Association Health Plan Rule Would Make It Easier to Sell Junk Insurance

The Trump administration just released a final policy that will substantially increase the number of Americans who could be sold junk insurance in the form of “Association Health Plans,” or “AHPs.” This new and very dangerous step in the administration’s ongoing campaign to sabotage the Affordable Care Act could greatly reduce people’s access to essential health care, especially for those with preexisting conditions and older adults.

Fact Sheet
March 2018

Seven Reasons the Trump Administration's Short-Term Health Plans Are Harmful to Families

The Trump Administration wants to turn back the clock on protections for health care consumers established by the Affordable Care Act. This latest act of sabotage on the health law came in the form of a proposed rule released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The proposed rule would make it legal to sell “short-term insurance” plans for long periods of time that do not comply with the ACA’s consumer protections.

Short Analysis
February 2018

The Trump Administration’s Blueprint for Health Care

Earlier this week, the Trump Administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2019. This is the president’s first full budget proposal since taking office and it outlines the administration’s vision for the future. Although the budget proposal is non-binding and many elements need congressional approval for enactment, the administration can implement some of these policies on its own, through regulations, executive orders, and guidance. This is an eye-opening and chilling road map for where the administration wants to take health care for families and children.

February 2018

Medicaid Waivers Webinar: Work Requirements and Beyond

Listen to our webinar on on how state advocates can address Medicaid waiver proposals that include work requirements and other restrictions, as well as tools available for state advocates to address similar proposals.


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