Families USA is currently undertaking key aspects of the SHARE Initiative using its own resources and several grants from private foundations. But if this work is to continue over the long-term, and if it is to be enhanced and expanded, additional funding is essential. Families USA is seeking to establish a “pooled funding” model to build and sustain the financial resources necessary for the effective, long-term functioning of SHARE. Funders—such as national and state foundations, corporations, and individuals—can fund the core, ongoing operations, as well as specific project components and Strategic Advocacy Campaigns.

Special Projects

Funders can support specific projects to provide additional, customized expertise to groups in their state. These would include the “State Health Innovation Academy,” state-specific customized action guides, and/or other special projects designed in collaboration between Families USA, a state-based consumer health organization, and a potential funder. In addition, funders will be asked to consider supporting Families USA’s annual “Health Action Conference,” the largest annual gathering of consumer health advocates in the country.

Strategic Advocacy Campaigns

Funders will also have the opportunity, perhaps in partnership with other funders in their state, to support targeted policy advocacy campaigns. These would be longer, comprehensive initiatives that would require a more substantial investment. Families USA and the state partner organization would develop detailed and specific proposals and budgets for these campaigns. (Read more about Strategic Advocacy Campaigns)

For more information about you can support the SHARE Initiative please contact Matt Farrey, Families USA’s Senior Director of Development at 202-626-0618 or mfarrey@familiesusa.org

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