The July 4th recess is a critical time to put pressure on senators to reject the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). When Congress returns from recess on July 10, the Senate could quickly take up and pass a revised bill.

This is the recess to turn up the heat and GET LOUD. On this page you’ll find resources to help you make your case to senators and to spread the word about the harm the Senate bill will cause. 

Action Kit

Sign ideas from recent rallies: Use these at events where Senators commonly participate, such as rallies and press conferences. Get a group together to make signs to tell your senators to oppose the Senate repeal bill.

State-by-state in-person event listing: View our list of events in key states to find rallies, protests, forums, and visits planned to members of congress in key states. You can also check for information about public events where Members of Congress will be present.

Script for calling your senators: Call 1-866-426-2631 to be automatically connected to your senators. Use our script to deliver essential messages to urge your senators to protect our care.

Tips for ways to engage with your senators face-to-face: Engaging directly with members of congress is the most effective way to make an impact in the effort to protect health care. Read our guide for how to engage with them in person and what to do if your members have no planned public events.

Guide to meeting directly with your member of congress: Face-to-face meetings with your representative or senators are among the most powerful ways to educate them about how proposed legislation will affect you. This guide outlines how to make meetings happen and how to make them effective.

Tips for engaging senators who oppose repeal: Just because your Senator supports the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid does not mean you should stop engaging them in Advocacy. Read our tips for how to engage with senators who support health care.

Tag your senators on Twitter: Tag your senators in a tweet asking them to protect the health coverage of their constituents.

Protect Our Care Facebook/Twitter frame: Add a #ProtectOurCare banner to your picture on social media to show your support for protecting the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid.

Email your senators: Send an email directly to your senators and tell them to protect America’s health coverage.

Graphics to Share on Social Media

The Senate bill trades Medicaid coverage for millions for tax cuts for wealthy

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How many people will lose coverage under Senate bill 

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Senators: You have the power to save health care. #KilltheBill

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Dear GOP: How will you #ProtectOurCare

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Letter from the Better Care Insurance Company about Paying More for Less Coverage

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Bag of Health Care Tricks

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Dear Senator: We will remember

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