Childhood Asthma Leadership Coalition

The Childhood Asthma Leadership Coalitionaims to accelerate prevention and improve the diagnosis, treatment, and long-term management of childhood asthma through targeted state and federal efforts.  

Coalition for Fair Drug Prices

Families and health care consumers across America want and deserve meaningful reforms that target and reduce the underlying prices of drugs so they are not forced to choose between their health and financial security to get the medication they need.

Consumers First

Consumers First is a new alliance that brings together powerful interests from consumers, children, employers, labor unions, and primary care providers working to change the fundamental economic incentives and design of the health care system. Our work is to realign the incentives and design of health care so that the system truly delivers the health and high quality care that all families across our nation deserve. 

Defending Health Care in 2018

Learn how to get involved in the campaign to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and protect the gains we've made in health coverage and care.

Evidence for Equity Initiative

Promoting the need for representative and transparent evidence to help decision makers implement health system transformation policies that advances health equity instead of making inequities worse. 

Health Action Conference

Working together, we are stronger. That’s why Families USA brings together community leaders from across the nation each year to improve the lives of America’s families. In 2019 we met for the 24th annual Health Action Conference on January 24-26, in Washington, D.C. at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

Health Equity Academy in System Transformation

Federal and state governments, providers, health care industry leaders, and other stakeholders are making critical decisions about how health care is organized, delivered, and paid for to transform our health care system into one that provides higher value and quality care at lower cost, with the goal of improving our nation’s health. However, input from the people who these systems purport to serve—particularly communities of color and other underserved communities—is missing from the decisions that impact health care payment and delivery. 

Medicaid Coalition

Families USA is the founder and convener of the Medicaid Coalition. The Coalition has an informal membership of over 400 organizations with a shared commitment to ensure that all Americans have equal access to high quality, affordable health care.

Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team

States are poised to expand health care coverage to hundreds of thousands uninsured. The Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team (MELT) will take advantage of Families USA’s leadership role in organizing and securing the recent Medicaid expansions and our in-depth work in other states on Medicaid waiver and related issues to embrace this opportunity.

Oral Health for All

Campaign to expand access to oral health coverage to the more than 106 million who are uncovered.

Prescription Drug Costs

Consumers across America and the health care system itself cannot continue to bear the burden of high and rising prescription drug costs. Federal action is necessary to ensure that access to life-saving medicines is guaranteed for all. Families USA is laying the groundwork for a coordinated, sustained national campaign to address, at the federal level, rising prescription drug prices and diminished innovation by drug companies. 

The National Center for Coverage Innovation

The National Center for Coverage Innovation helps state and federal policymakers and consumer leaders develop and implement innovative approaches to expand and improve health care coverage.

The State Innovation Learning Collaborative

The State Innovation Learning Collaborative (SILC) is an ongoing forum organized by Families USA to engage state-based consumer leaders and advocates in forward-looking problem-solving. SILC highlights innovative and proactive policies that states and consumer leaders can pursue to improve health and health care.

Waiver Strategy Center

Families USA's Waiver Strategy Center tracks the changes states make to health care programs using 1115 and 1332 waivers. These changes can be good or bad for consumers. Explore waivers on a national or state-by-state basis.