Families USA created this Story Bank Toolkit to help organizations incorporate people's stories and voices into their work.

How do you share stories? This section discusses how to walk a consumer through sharing his or her story—and what you need to take into account before any public story sharing opportunity.

What do you do with stories once you have them?

This video discusses the potential for story placement in an organization’s work with media, educational outreach, and online presence.

Storytelling ethics and how to protect storytellers

This video describes ethical considerations in storytelling and walks through real life case studies to show to protect storytellers.

Empowerment through storytelling

How to Make Story Sharing Empowering: Addresses how to prevent organizations from taking advantage of (or “using”) consumers and instead create a storytelling experience that leaves the consumer feeling empowered.

Asking someone to share his or her story publicly

It is essential to get a storyteller’s permission to participate in a storytelling opportunity. Organizations must decide who does this and when.

How to Ask Someone to Share His or Her Story Publicly: Explains how to go back to storytellers before featuring their story or passing along contact information to a third party.

How to Coach People Before Storytelling Opportunities: How to help prepare a storyteller before different kinds of opportunities (such as writing an op-ed, public speaking at an event, or giving a media interview).