Families USA created the Story Bank Toolkit to help organizations incorporate people's stories and voices into their work.

This section helps organizations think through the overarching goals of their story bank. Topics include: why organizations should create a story bank, how to get organizational buy-in and support, and how to determine what kinds of stories to collect.

Story bank overview

This video provides an overview of the toolkit and a discussion of the important role that stories play.


Building a culture of collection

This video explains how to make the case for building a story bank with a focus on how to maximize organizational resources.

Creating an outreach plan

Before beginning to collect stories, you must first determine what kinds of stories will best illustrate the issues your organization wants to highlight.

Guide to Creating a Comprehensive Outreach Plan: A detailed explanation of how an organization should think through what kinds of stories to collect and where to find them.


Creating a plan

This video walks viewers through the sample work plan and template.


  • Sample Outreach Plan: A sample outreach work plan we created based on a mock organization's priorities.
  • Outreach Template: A customizable template that organizations can use to create their own outreach plans.