How States Can Fund Community Health Workers through Medicaid to Improve People’s Health, Decrease Costs, and Reduce Disparities

This brief discusses the value of community health workers (CHWs) in improving care while reducing disparities for vulnerable populations. It also walks advocates through how they can get sustainable funding for CHWs in their state.


Blueprint for Health Care Advocacy: How Community Health Workers Are Driving Health Equity and Value in New Mexico

Despite evidence that CHWs have a positive effect on access to care and health outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged communities, the lack of sustainable funding for their work prevents broader integration of CHWs into the health system. Advocates, CHWs, and other stakeholders in New Mexico have worked with Medicaid managed care organizations to address this challenge, and their experiences developing and implementing this model offer lessons for how other states can better fund and support CHWs.


At a Glance: Pathways for Sustainably Funding Community Health Workers in Medicaid

If you are interested in securing sustainable funding for CHWs, this chart will provide you with high-level information about several pathways for doing so, and you can use it to compare and contrast the processes, advantages, and challenges of each pathway.


Webinar: Using Medicaid Managed Care Contracts to Support Community Health Workers (CHWs)​

In this webinar, we:

  • Provide an overview of how Medicaid managed care can be used to sustainably fund CHWs
  • Provide examples of language from Medicaid managed care contracts that include or support CHWs
  • Discuss considerations for CHWs and other advocates who want to use this pathway to establish sustainable funding


Issue Brief: How States Can Use Medicaid Managed Care Contracts to Support Community Health Workers

Medicaid managed care contracting is a promising pathway for securing more sustainable funding for community health workers (CHWs). This issue brief provides examples of contract language that can be used to incentivize or require Medicaid managed care organizations to utilize and fund CHWs and considerations for advocates looking to improve support for CHWs through this pathway


Webinar: Using State Plan Amendments (SPAs) to Support Community Health Workers

In this webinar, advocates from California and Missouri discuss:

  • The benefits of pursuing a  for CHW financing
  • How to combine a SPA with other approaches for more comprehensive financing
  • Lessons learned for successfully navigating the SPA process
Families USA is grateful to The Kresge Foundation for its support of the Community Health Worker Sustainability Collaborative.