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Monday, January 30, 2012

The American Medical Association and AARP Team Up to Keep Seniors Healthy

Tara Bostock

Staff Writer

Are you or someone you know on Medicare? Well, you should know that important appointments, screenings, and shots are now covered at no additional cost thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The American Medical Association and the AARP jointly released a new brochure called Team Up to Stay Healthy to explain these important preventive services to Medicare beneficiaries and how they can take advantage of them.

In addition to receiving many preventive services with no deductible, copayment, or fee required, Medicare beneficiaries will have two types of physician visits available to them at no cost: the Welcome to Medicare visit and the yearly wellness visit. The first type of visit must happen within the first 12 months of enrollment, and the other can be scheduled once a year. The brochure details how to prepare for these appointments and what to ask the doctor. During these visits, seniors can make a health plan with their physician and figure out which no-cost screenings, such as cardiovascular and diabetes screenings, and no-cost shots, such as flu and pneumonia shots, they might need during the year.

Use this brochure or share it with someone you know who has Medicare to stay healthy in 2012 and beyond!