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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Straight from the source

Seniors were often the main target of opponents of the now-passed health reform law. Whether it was “death panels,” fears of rationing, or spreading misinformation about the changes to Medicare Advantage, those over 65 were the subjected to blatant lies and deception. Now that the new law is being implemented, it’s time for the political rhetoric to be set aside and replaced with facts about how this historic legislation will affect the elderly.

Just recently, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS), which administers the Medicare program, mailed out brochures entitled, Medicare and the New Health Reform Law – What it Means for You, to seniors across the country.

This piece clearly explains the improvements to the “doughnut hole,” Medicare Advantage, and reducing the costs of preventive care—changes that will positively affect the health of seniors. This information is coming CMS itself, not media, talk radio, or political pundits. Seniors need a source of information that they can trust, and the agency that actually implements Medicare qualifies.

If you are a senior or have elderly family members, please take a look at the brochure here and read about the positive changes the new health reform law makes for you and your family.