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Monday, May 10, 2010

Real stories, not rhetoric

Erin Kelly

Staff Writer

We recently asked you, the members of the Stand Up for Health Care community, to let us know how health reform will affect your lives. The response was overwhelming. And while opponents of reform are relying on tired old rhetoric, we’ve collected stories from people like you whose lives will be better thanks to health reform.

Jean from Minnesota told us,

Our 20-year-old son has chronic asthma and requires on-going medication to keep it under control. As a young part-time student he can't secure or afford health insurance. Because of health care reform our son will be able to stay on our policy and get the critical medication he needs to keep his lungs functioning well.

Mario from Michigan has more economic stability thanks to provisions in the bill that will ensure that seniors no longer fall into a gap in prescription drug coverage. He said,

My wife and I care for my wife’s 87-year-old mother who takes six different drugs every day. The closing of the size of the "donut hole" for her drugs is a big help.

Jolleen from Texas finally has peace of mind for herself and her family:

I am the "go-to" person in my family. My young adult children now have access to affordable insurance. My brother and his wife who were uninsurable will now be eligible for an "exchange" and will receive basic services which will prevent catastrophic illness requiring expensive emergency room treatment. I have much less stress, which makes me healthier and happier.

Cheryl from South Carolina writes to us about a friend who will no longer be discriminated against:

Health care reform will assure that my friend—who is unemployed and has diabetes— cannot be turned down for health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Having access to medical care and life sustaining medications is crucial to his health and overall livelihood.

All across the country, Americans are beginning to see a real difference in their health care. Whether it means that they can finally afford insurance, or they simply have the peace of mind that their coverage can’t be taken away, people around the country are celebrating our new consumer rights.

Opponents of reform might rely on rhetoric to get their point across, but we know the reality: Health reform helps families across the country, plain and simple.