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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ohio Right To Life’s Got Governor Kasich’s Back

Amy Traver

Staff Writer

Despite his past critiques of the Affordable Care Act, Ohio Governor Kasich announced last Monday that his state will accept federal funds to expand Medicaid, effectively ensuring access to health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans.

Then, in what may seem like an even more unexpected turn of events, Ohio Right to Life, a state-affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee, fully endorsed Governor Kasich’s decision.

Ohio Right to Life’s President Mike Gonidakis stated that his organization has given “100 percent approval” of the decision. "Our mission is to support life from womb to tomb," Gonidakis said. "In this case minorities will benefit, the poor will benefit. It will cover the parents of young children."

Ohio Right to Life is just one of many traditionally conservative groups that have come out in support of accepting federal funds to expand Medicaid in their state. This might be surprising to some people, but it’s not that surprising to me. Why?

Because when you look at the facts—when you “weigh the evidence and do the math”—expanding access to health coverage is a good thing for everyone.

As Gonidakis said, “I would ask our friends in the Tea Party to read the full proposal and see it’s not only the most compassionate, but also the most fiscally responsible. You don’t have to be a Democrat or Republican to support this.”