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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Melanie's March

Sometimes you have to hit the streets to make a difference. And sometimes, you have to go a bit further. We're not talking about the usual suspects, like protesting or a two-hour march. We're talking about huge march across three states that will urge Congress to finally push health reform over the finish line.

Starting in Philadelphia on February 17th, hundreds of people will begin the 150-mile march, which will end on Wednesday, the 24th at a major event in Washington, D.C. On the way there will be stops in Wilmington and Baltimore to drum up support for health care reform.

The event, March to the Finish Line for Melanie, is in honor of Melanie Shouse, a health reform advocate who recently lost her battle with breast cancer. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she couldn't find health insurance-a story all too common in our current system. She campaigned for President Obama, and in the past year has fought hard, not only against her cancer, but for every American's right to quality, affordable health care.

So join our friends from Pennsylvania to march in Melanie's honor.

Anyone can get involved. Whether you want to march the whole 150 miles or just 500 feet, click here for the details.