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Monday, September 20, 2010

Just three days away...

What's the big deal about September 23? Well, it's the day that the dependent coverage provision - young adults being able to stay on their parent's insurance until age 26 - becomes law. It's the day that approximately 2 million young Americans will gain the security and peace of mind that comes with getting covered.

Some other important reforms will also take effect that day. Health plans will no longer be able to drop you from coverage (also known as "rescission") if you get sick. Insurers won't be able to put lifetime limits on your benefits. And restrictive annual limits on benefits will also be banned. All in all, it's a pretty big deal (BFD).

So, we want to celebrate. On September 23, the Getting Covered campaign will be hosting events across the country to mark the day. Email us at to find an event near you, and check out for our Events page! Want to host an event yourself? It's easy and we have all of the tools you need to make your gig a success. Email us at and we'll take care of you.

And don’t forget to take our online quiz. Go ahead and do it right now!


This post was written by Ari Matusiak, Co-Founder and Chairman of Young Invincibles, a national organization, representing the health care interests of 18 to 34 year-olds.