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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help Republican Leaders Understand What #MedicaidIs

Justin Kolikof

Deputy Director of Digital Strategy

Last month, President Obama and leaders in Congress came to an agreement that temporarily avoided the fiscal cliff without major cuts to health care programs. It was a huge victory, but unfortunately it’s just a temporary one.

In just a few short weeks, Republicans in Congress will release their proposed budget, and they’ve been clear on what it will contain: tax breaks for giant corporations and major cuts to health care programs like Medicaid.

But what Republican leaders don’t seem to realize is that Medicaid isn’t just a line item in the budget, it is quality health care for hardworking American seniors, children, and families. And for many low-income families, the Medicaid program is a vital lifeline.

It makes one wonder: Do Republican leaders understand what Medicaid is? You and I know exactly what it is: Medicaid is good care, it is good for our economy, and to put it simply—Medicaid works!

Countless Americans rely on Medicaid each and every day. Help spread the word, and let Republicans know what Medicaid means to you.

Click here and sign our eCard to Republican leaders. Make sure they know what Medicaid is and that you won’t stop fighting to protect it.

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