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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Health reform benefits are exceedingly popular

Kate Blocher

Staff Writer

The victory on health reform was long overdue and will make great strides in improving the lives of millions of American families-bringing us closer to a more just and equitable health care system. But you wouldn't know it to talk to opponents of reform. Despite the popularity of the individual provisions of the health reform law, opponents have continued their tactics of misinformation and negative rhetoric. 

Even before President Obama's signature was dry, opponents were calling for the repeal of the law. But which benefits, specifically, do they want to take away from the American people? As has been shown, both before the passage of the bill, and after, the individual provisions in the health reform law are exceedingly popular among the American people. For example:

  • Ending discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions [supported by 80% of Americans, Washington Post/ABC News poll, 2/8/10]

  • Preventing insurance companies from dropping people when they get sick [supported by 59% of Americans, Newsweek poll, 2/19/10]

  • Setting up a competitive Exchange that gives Americans control and choice over their insurance [supported by 81% of Americans, Newsweek poll, 2/19/10]

  • Requirement that all businesses must offer private health insurance to their employees, and offering a tax credit to small businesses to help them do so [supported by 75% of Americans, Newsweek poll, 2/19/10]

  • Closing the Medicare prescription drug ‘donut hole' coverage gap [supported by 60% of Americans, Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 1/22/10]

  • Covering dependents until the age of 26[supported by 60% of Americans, Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 1/22/10]

The passage of health reform is a step in the right direction to fixing our broken health care system. By calling to repeal the new law, opponents are asking for a return to the status quo.. This victory has been a century in the making and will benefit millions of Americans. By working to repeal the new law, opponents are working to take America backward.