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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ask a doctor about reform

You may have seen a television commercial where a woman at a restaurant is asking her waiter endless questions about menu items. But then, when the same woman is shown at her doctor's office and is asked by her doctor if she has any questions, seemingly out-of-character, she replies with a "no."

The point of the commercial is to encourage patients to take that same curiosity about options at a restaurant to options at their doctor's office-to ask their doctors more questions about their health and health care. The same can hold true for health reform. Doctors are a great source of information when it comes to unanswered questions about reform.

Luckily, there is a new website that lets average citizens ask doctors from across the country questions about health reform.

Ask a Doctor about Reform allows anyone to submit a question about the current reform legislation directly to doctors and they will respond. On the site now, there are already several videos that answer common questions such as: "Why should I care about expanding coverage to others?" and "Can we afford health reform?" This site allows you to get the facts from the people who see the consequences of our broken health system every single day.

In a time when rampant misinformation is flooding our usual sources of information, people can trust doctors to tell them the facts because caring about health is their job. Ask a Doctor about Reform is a great new forum where you can get the truth about why we need health reform now.

Ask a doctor about reform | Families USA


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