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Thursday, July 20, 2017

National Call-in Day to Save Health Care

Tomorrow, July 21st, is a National Call-In Day to #ProtectOurCare.

The Senate’s quest to repeal health care for millions of Americans and make disastrous cuts to Medicaid is not over. Senators and administration officials met last night to continue negotiations on their harmful bill. Senate Majority Leader McConnell aims to vote on the “Motion to Proceed” to move forward with health care repeal as soon as Monday.

Tomorrow, urge your networks to contact their senators and tell them to oppose any attempts to rip health coverage away from millions and to undermine the Medicaid program. Use this call script to assist with your calls.

The Senate’s efforts to repeal health care will destroy Medicaid for our country’s most vulnerable people and strip coverage from millions. These harmful proposals cannot be fixed with added sweeteners, try as Senate Republican leaders might. Tell your senators to vote no on the motion to proceed and to reject any effort to repeal the health law.

Please spread the word to your networks. Here’s a tweet you can share.

Together we can save health care!