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Friday, June 23, 2017

What You Can Do If You Have a Democratic Senator

Shannon Attanasio

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Democratic Senators are doing the hard work on Capitol Hill to fight the repeal bill. Don’t forget to keep engaging them in your advocacy to stop the heartless legislation. Visit the Protect Our Care page for more resources and tips for talking to senators who support the bill. 

If your senator is already opposed to this bill, here’s what you should be doing:

  1. Don’t stop calling – even senators who oppose the bill need to know that constituents are against this bad health care repeal bill.
  2. Thank them for all they are doing to protect our health care.
  3. Keep sending in stories and sharing data about how you, your loved ones, and your community will be harmed if the repeal bill passes, and is signed into law - they need this information to share on the Senate floor and with the press.
  4. Invite them to appear in-person at events to speak out against repeal (roundtables, rallies, town halls) and attend events they organize.
  5. Meet with them, provide the information above, and ask them what else they need from you to support their work to stop this bad bill.
  6. Urge them to raise questions about the health care bill’s rushed process and request that Republicans allow them time during recess to go home and talk with their constituents about this bill and its implications for their state.
  7. Visit our Protect Our Care page to learn how you can spread the word on social media about how the Senate bill could be devastating to America’s families.