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Thursday, May 4, 2017

This Isn’t Over. Next Stop the Senate

Patrick Willard

Senior Director of State and National Strategic Partnerships

While today’s vote was not entirely unexpected, it does not make it any less devastating. Those who voted for the bill will regret it.

The House of Representatives just passed a bill that will devastate America’s health care system, pulling the rug out from under some of our country’s most vulnerable people – like children and seniors.

Specifically, the House of Representatives voted narrowly today to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with legislation that would:

  • Potentially cost millions of families their health coverage and drive up costs for millions more, while giving a trillion-dollar tax cut to wealthy individuals and corporations.
  • Restructure and cut funding to the Medicaid program, the biggest since its inception, by walking away from a sustained federal commitment to children, the elderly and people with disabilities, leaving them to the whims of state legislatures.
  • Allow states to opt out of ACA protections that prohibit insurers from charging higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions or selling low-quality coverage that does not include “essential health benefits” – like hospitalization, mental health services, and maternity and newborn care.

We know how you feel. Why would anyone who understands how this will hurt people vote for it? That is why we have to keep the fight going: In the Senate we can put the brakes on this reckless campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

What to do now: Let your representative know what you think about their vote

See how your representative voted.

Then, call ((202) 224-3121​), email, or tweet at them expressing your gratitude or your disappointment. It’s very important that representatives know that we are holding them accountable for their actions.

Stay tuned for updates about how we’re going to stop this in the Senate.