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Friday, February 17, 2017

Recess Events: Rallies and Town Halls to Show Support for the Affordable Care Act

Efforts by advocates and concerned constituents around the country are making it very difficult for ACA opponents to simply repeal the law. As you’ve probably seen, the public outcry at town halls and rallies is helping lawmakers understand just how important the ACA is. For more about the state of the public debate over the health care law, see the new report about the Protect Our Care coalition

During this congressional recess, advocates are planning events around the country to raise awareness of how repeal will harm millions of people and state economies. (Here are some tips for talking with elected officials, in case you get the opportunity.)

Town halls: Find out whether there are any town halls or office hours with members of Congress scheduled near you. The Town Hall 2018 Project maintains a calendar of events throughout the country. Attend and ask questions about how Congress will maintain the same level of coverage and care that consumers have now under the ACA and Medicaid. Visit to see the calendar.

January 18 events: Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are setting up events nationwide on 2/18 in defense of the ACA, Medicaid, and Medicare. Types of events will vary. To find out if there is an event near you, reach out to your Members of Congress to see if they are holding an event and offer to be of assistance. This website is run by and will be a hub of information for recess events and tips, and will continue to be updated. You can also add your own events to the site. will have similar information.

More resources:

Visit Families USA’s Protect Our Care page for more tools for recess week and beyond, including:

  • “Protect Our Care” social media toolkit: sample tweets, posts, and shareable graphics
  • Letter to the editor tool: helps consumers and advocates draft LTEs to their local newspapers sharing how they would be affected by repeal of the ACA
  • Write to Congress tool: helps consumers and advocates send emails directly to their Senators and Representatives
  • Updated fact sheets