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Monday, February 6, 2017

Find a Town Hall and Other Actions: Protect Our Care Campaign Update

Patrick Willard

Senior Director of State and National Strategic Partnerships

Our voices are making a difference. At town hall meetings around the country, constituents are speaking out about lawmakers’ plans to tear down the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Keep up the good work! Here are some ways to speak out against repeal of the Affordable Care Act:

Attend a town hall

Find out whether there are any town halls with Members of Congress scheduled near you. The Town Hall 2018 Project maintains a calendar of events throughout the country. When you attend, ask questions and raise concerns about health care coverage and the future of the ACA. See state-by-state information on what's at stake if the ACA is repealed to help you make your case.

Call or email your Members of Congress

Dial 866-426-2631 to speak to your Member of Congress or use our email tools to contact your senators or representatives by email. Ask them not to vote on any repeal bill without a simultaneous replacement that provides the same quality of coverage to as many people as the ACA does. And tell Congress that you also want it to protect Medicaid without cuts or harmful changes to the program. 

Write a letter to the editor

Write a letter to your local newspaper sharing how you or someone you know will be affected by repeal of the ACA. Use our tool, which allows you to enter your zip code and select a newspaper within 25 miles.

Spread the message on social media

Share the message to #ProtectOurCare on social media. Use the Social Media Toolkit on our #ProtectOurCare campaign page.